Barter with me

I want to barter for more of what I need.

What I can offer:

Photography: portraits, interiors, objects. Normally I focus (ha!) almost exclusively on my own personal photography projects. But if you can share some thing or skill with me in exchange, I can make photographs for you. Check out my photography site and then email me if you're interested in trading. I also teach, mentor and/or critique photography.

Writing, Editing and Strategic Communications Planning: In addition to 5+ years of my own explorations into social media, I've been providing my senior writing, editing and strategic communications planning skills to the government for 10 years. Clear writing depends on clear thinking, and I can help you with both. I can write or edit web copy, help you develop a social media strategy or discover the audiences you need to connect with, help you develop an artist statement or anything else you need help with your words on.

I'm particularly passionate about usability and plain language. Plain language isn't just about the words you choose. It's about how the page is designed on which your words appear. It's also about knowing your audience and thinking from their perspective. It's about eliminating anything that's irrelevant to your audience and highlighting - through information structure, language and design - the stuff that matters most to them. I can help you with all of that, no matter what your business is.

Web design and development: It's actually my husband who's a kick-ass developer, but for something good, I'm pretty sure he'd be willing.

What I want:

Food - produce, preserves, grass-fed poultry and fish...

Clothes - especially for my kids

Home repairs and renovations - I'd love for someone to show me, in person, how to fix some of the stuff in my home.

Accommodations for a family vacation or other learning opportunity

Framing and mounting my photographs for exhibition

Book design and editing expertise for my photography

Access to a sewing machine - and maybe also some lessons.


That's what I can think of at the moment, but try me.