Thursday, October 16, 2014

this week in my kitchen

We had a big feast on Monday… Canadian Thanksgiving. This was my first time being responsible for the whole feast, although it was really a trial run, since we only had our wee nuclear family plus one friend to feed. We had a ridiculous amount of food and it was really nice. Since then I've made turkey soup, extra turkey broth, turkey curry and tonight will be a sort of made-up shepherd's pie with (what else?) turkey.

The cranberry sauce rocked, if I do say so myself. I added pear, apple cider, cardamom, garam masala and ginger. I will definitely do that again.

I made a gluten-free version of the Party Plum Cake in More Food That Really Shmecks. Pretty good, although I won't do the crumb topping next time.

Playing along with In My Kitchen.

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