Monday, March 4, 2013


I decided to trying making my own gluten-free sourdough starter yesterday. Given that I haven't actually made any kind of bread before, either gluten-free or otherwise, this was probably pure folly. Actually, I did make yeasted cinnamon buns last year, but I'm not counting that, because it was one-off, and not actually a loaf of bread.) But I'm discovering that I don't like learning things in logical sequences.

Last spring, a seed seller recommended 'easy' plants like radishes to start with and she specifically discouraged me from growing carrots. I grew both but the radishes rotted because we didn't like them. I was pretty sure the promise of free food would keep me motivated, even through challenges, and it did.

Likewise, someone else recommended I start learning to sew with pajama pants and a pattern but that doesn't excite me at all. If I'm going to go to the trouble and discomfort of learning new things, it has to excite me, even if it's something difficult. Even if I fail and I'm disappointed with the results.

So anyways, the sourdough starter. I used this recipe and was prepared to wait 3 to 5 days for bubbles, but this afternoon I lifted the tea towel and there were bubbles! And the stuff had definitely risen. A couple of hours later and there were mini-volcanoes! So I guess tomorrow or the next day, I'll be trying my hand at making gluten-free, sourdough bread.

It's ALIVE! (And those are red cabbage leaves sticking out. They provide wild yeast, apparently.)

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